Technion Honors Dr Andrew J. Viterbi

Erna and Andrew Viterbi, 1993

Erna and Andrew Viterbi, 1993

American Technion Society’s Albert Einstein Award, 1993

The Albert Einstein Award is the highest honor which can be bestowed by the American Society for Technion–Israel Institute of Technology. The award was created in recognition of Prof. Einstein’s love and close association with Technion. He was one of the founding pioneers of the American Society for Technion in 1940 and was awarded an honorary doctorate by Technion in 1954. A statement in his acceptance speech still rings true today: “Every bit of help that Jews in America are giving to Technion contributes effectively to the development of Israel’s economy.”





Andrew Viterbi Receives the Technion Honorary Doctorate, 2000-webHonorary Doctor of Science (Doctor Scientiarum Honoris Causa), 2000

“In recognition of his seminal contributions to information and communication theory and their impact on the recent technological revolution and, in particular, the introduction of the Viterbi algorithm for interference suppression by means of dynamic programming. His pace-setting contributions to the advancement of theoretical and practical aspects of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) have supported the development of the most advanced and innovative communication systems.”




Technion MedalTechnion Medal, 2015

“In recognition of your decades-long devotion to the Technion as a distinguished visiting professor imparting your pioneering insights; in gratitude for your support of graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and the recruitment of new faculty members; and with appreciation for your transformational gift to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering which will secure and enhance the Technion’s leadership position in electrical and computer engineering in Israel and globally and will ensure that the high-tech innovation that is vital to Israel’s economy and defense continues for generations to come.”